Published 29.01.2019

Share the Love!

Krispy Kreme Valentine's Day 2019

When your Valentine deserves the world but you can’t give it to them, just give them the next best thing…doughnuts.

Plus, love is meant to be shared and so are doughnuts, so it’s a win-win.

Forget the flowers (because you can’t eat them) or the jewellery (because it’s all been done) and give your Valentine a gift to remember. Choose from 2 delicious heart shaped doughnuts – Chocolate Heart and Strawberries & Crème Heart.

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So now you’ve got your gift sorted, but that’s not all… We know expressing your love with words can sometimes be tricky but we’ve got you covered!

Our new Love Message Maker will do all the hard work for you! Simply enter your name, your Valentine’s name and shake your phone for a message! Keep shaking until you find the right one and then share it with them directly! Create your message now! 

Krispy Kreme Get Romantic

Now you’ve got the best gift and the perfect words to go with it…thank us later!

In-stores until 14.02.19

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