Published 05.08.2019

The Simpsons D’ohnut

The Simpson's D'Ohnut at Krispy Kreme

Have you ever dreamed about getting your hands on the pink iced, rainbow sprinkled ring of deliciousness that is Homer Simpson’s absolute favourite snack of all time?

If you just shouted “Yes!!” to that question, you’ve came to the right place. We happen to know a few doughnut creators who are about to make that dream a reality. We present to you New Zealand’s first ever official Simpsons D’ohnut!

At Krispy Kreme we love doughnuts. But, you know that already. Homer Simpson loves doughnuts. It totally makes sense that we look to Homer and The Simpsons for inspiration.

And, it doesn’t just have the pretty looks. The Simpsons D’ohnut is deliciously decadent. The pink icing is a white choc truffle with strawberry flavour blended through it with perfectly placed smattering of rainbow sprinkles. These scrumptious toppings sit atop our signature Original Glazed™ Doughnut.

The Simpson's D'Ohnut at Krispy Kreme

Available at our Manukau, Chancery Square and Auckland Domestic Airport Krispy Kreme stores from now until 23.09.19.

Available at select BP Connect locations from now until 09.09.19

Day-dream no more! Get in your car, catch a train and get in store to get your hands on this beauty now.


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