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Pick your own Dozen

Create your very own box of Favourites with our dozen creator. See below for some information on how to use this tool to order your favourite Krispy Kreme Doughnut Flavours

**A note on this information page - all images below are screen shots only and can not be interacted with to place an order. If you have landed here by mistake and wish to return to designing your dozen - click here

When you land on the Pick your own Dozen page for the first time, you will see all of our currently available delicious doughnuts ready for the taking!

You can add doughnuts to your dozen box in 4 ways.

1. Click, or Tap on the Doughnut Image - This will add 1 of the selected doughnuts to your dozen box.

2. Click or Tap on 'ADD X 1' - This will add 1 of the selected doughnuts to your dozen box.

3. Click or Tap on 'ADD X 3' - This will add 3 of the selected doughnuts to your dozen box*.

4. Click or Tap 'ADD X 6' - This will add 6 of the selected doughnuts to your dozen box*.

*If you have fewer spots than the selected quantity left - only the remaining available spots will be added (eg, you already have 8 Doughnuts in your Dozen box and Click or Tap 'ADD X 6', only 4 of that doughnut will be added to complete your dozen)

Whenever you add 1 or more doughnuts to your dozen box using the above methods, you will see a count of how many doughnuts have been added so far.

5. Each Doughnut selected will display a counter to let you know how many of that flavour you have in your cart so far.

6. A notification will pop-up to let you know every time you have added 1 or more doughnuts

As you continue to add your doughnuts, you will see the above mentioned count increase.

7. You now have 1 x Original Glazed® Doughnut in your Dozen, and 6 x Krispy Kreme with Oreo® - Original Doughnut in your Dozen.

8. An example of your notification if you decide to use the 'ADD X 6' function. 

9. Your Doughnut Counter will let you know how far you have come, and how close you are to completing your dozen.

At any point throughout your Pick Your Own Dozen journey, you can view your dozen box.

10. Click 'View your Dozen' and this will cause the Dozen Box to slide up into view for your consideration.

11. You can either click on the 'X' or 'Hide your Dozen' to return to the Doughnut Selection View.

If at any point you have changed your mind and want to remove doughnuts, you can achieve this in 2 ways:

12. To remove all inclusions of a flavour, you can click the small 'x' beside the '1 Added' green bubble beneath the Doughnut selector - in our below image for example - if you were to click on the small 'x' below the Krispy Kreme with Oreo® - Original Doughnut list where '6 Added' in Green is noted, this will remove all 6 x Krispy Kreme with Oreo® - Original Doughnuts.

13. To remove doughnuts 1 by 1, return to the 'View your Dozen' view.

14. Click 'Remove' below the doughnut you want to remove, and this will clear up 1 Spot in your Dozen box.

Use this method to create the perfect assortment.

Once you have a complete dozen, you can check out your 12 selected doughnuts.

15. Each doughnut window will display a quantity included of that flavour.

16. The Doughnut counter will let you know 'That's it! A Complete Dozen!'

17. You can view you complete dozen by clicking 'View your Dozen'

18. You'll see that 'Add to Cart' can now be clicked and when you're ready - add your perfect dozen to your cart.

19. If you've decided to view you dozen to make sure it's perfect, you can also click 'Add to Cart' from this view. 

20. Once you have added your dozen to cart, you will see a 'Dozen Added to Cart' in Green below as the page slides up for you to either start on your second dozen, or...

21. View your cart to check out!

A small note regarding our Pick Your own Dozen item. While our production teams endeavour to follow your masterful dozen creation perfectly - there are sometimes unforeseen circumstances that can cause a doughnut to not be included. Because our teams are making your delicious doughnuts overnight (like a bakery) they can't reach out to let you know, so they will include the closest alternative they can find to complete your dozen :)

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