Our story

Proudly  New Zealand

Krispy Kreme New Zealand is an exciting new chapter in the story of Krispy Kreme. We’re proud that Krispy Kreme doughnuts are made daily and so you’ll always know when we’re serving fresh and hot off the line,
just look for the ‘Hot Now’ light.

What’s next? The sky’s the limit. With exciting new doughnut flavours always on the
horizon, as well as fantastic new treats, like our new bagels,

anything is possible…

Our history

A  Lucky  hand

Krispy Kreme’s story began in the 1930’s.

Legend has it that a young  Vernon Rudolph, the man destined to be the  ‘King of Krispy Kreme’  won the secret yeast raised doughnut recipe in a
poker game with a French Chef in New Orleans. We’re not sure ourselves,
but it sure makes a great story.


A  Hole in  the wall

As Vernon’s new business grew he expanded to Winston-Salem in North Carolina
where he opened the first official Krispy Kreme store.

Originally a wholesaler, as demand for his delicious doughnuts grew, he saw the
opportunity to create a retail business by cutting a hole in the building wall and
selling direct to customers.

1940's - 50's

The  Perfect  Doughnut

As Krispy Kreme’s fame spread, so the number of stores grew. Vernon knew that
customers would keep coming back if they were confident they’d always enjoy the
same delicious taste, no matter where they bought his doughnuts.

So to ensure consistent excellence, Vernon developed the Krispy Kreme automatic
doughnut cutter machine to deliver the perfect mix every time. This was the first
prototype of the continuous yeast doughnut-making equipment you see today in our
Factory stores. It’s this very cool machine that gives our doughnuts their perfect shape,
day in day out.

1960's - 90's

Design  of an  icon

The classic Krispy Kreme store with its hallmark green tile roof and heritage road
signs first appeared in the ‘60’s. You can see a modern example at our store in Manukau, Auckland.

Sadly Vernon passed away in 1976 but his beloved Krispy Kreme still lives on today.
As a testament to his vision, Krispy Kreme has earned its place as an American icon
with many important company artefacts being featured in the collection of the
Smithsonian’s Institute’s National Museum of American History.


Joyful  Experiences

Today our doughnuts continue to be made fresh daily, delivering delicious tastes
and joyful experiences.

Join us as we spread the joy
of doughnuts across New Zealand!

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