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Krispy Kreme Vegan Friendly Doughnuts



Are there any products in your range that may be suitable for vegans?

There are a few products in our range that do not include any egg or milk ingredients in the recipe, however, they are produced in the same factory which also handles other ingredients and uses shared equipment; therefore, they may contain traces of egg or milk and are not suitable for allergen sufferers.

There Products Are:

- Apple Custard Crumble Doughnut
- Lemon Filled Doughnut
- Original Glazed Doughnut
- Strawberry Jam Doughnut
- Traditional Cinnamon Doughnut
- Kookies 'n' Kreme Doughnut
- Original Glazed Bites
- Cinnamon Bites (bp-Connect Only)

Please refer to our allergen statement on the product page for more information at

How are these doughnuts vegan-friendly if they state that they are not suitable for egg or milk allergy sufferers?

These doughnuts listed above do not include any egg or milk ingredients in the recipe however, due to the nature of our doughnut production we cannot guarantee that any of our doughnuts are allergen free.

How can I find out more about your ingredients?

We list nutritional and allergen information on our website alongside ingredients information for all products, this can be found on our here.

If you’re looking for more information, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Care team who are more than happy to help you with any questions you may have via email

  1. Lemon Filled Dozen (VG)
    $34.90 Per Dozen
  2. Apple Custard Crumble Dozen (VG)
    $34.90 Per Dozen
  3. Lemon and Apple Dozen (VG)
    $34.90 Per Dozen